Why I trust a playmate more than the CDC.


BY JOHN D. STALEY | 02/05/2018 11:10 AM EST

People often ask me why I trust a nude model/actress/game show host more than the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization or the American Medical Association.  The answer is simple: I don’t know anyone who works at those large, science-based medical organizations, but I totally feel like I know her.

Ok, so I don’t know her, know her but she’s been part of my life for decades. She was on that dating show, she was in a bunch of B-movies I sort of remember and I feel like she still pops up in celebrity magazines sometimes.

But I’ve never met anyone who works at the CDC, the WHO or the AMA.  I don’t even know if those places are even places. And even they are, why should I trust a bunch of anonymous, know-it-all science experts more than a super silly, totally relatable medical celebrity?

I know she’s not a doctor.  Or a scientist. But she wears glasses sometimes, so she’s smarter than you think.  Plus, I don’t need a bunch of M.D.’s and PhD’s mansplaining to me about how I should trust them just because they studied this stuff for years.  I mean, I don’t remember half of what I studied in college, do you?

And of course they all say these drugs have been used safely for decades on hundreds of millions of children but isn’t that what doctors, scientists and professional researchers are supposed to say?  She’s not supposed to say anything about vaccines and that, my friends, is why I trust her.

Lori GaffneyComment