Give unvaccination a shot!

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BY jake b. grabbor | 1/24/2019 03:04 PM PST

I know 99% of pediatricians, immunologists, public health officials and other professional know-it-alls say we should get our kids vaccinated, but I see things differently. I see a world obsessed with making everyone and everything so safe that life has become a total bore.  That’s why I’ve decided to keep things exciting by not vaccinating my kids.

 When I was their age we didn’t use sunscreen, wear bike helmets or have car seats until we were like 11.  Our school playground had a set of rusty monkey bars over cement, not an ergonomic foam swing above a bunch of ethically-sourced wood chips.  Sure, that led to some melanoma, broken bones, concussions and kids flying through windshields, but you know what it didn’t lead to?  Boredom.

 Besides, I don’t have to believe in modern medicine today to take advantage of it tomorrow.  If my decision to not protect my kids from preventable diseases like measles, pertussis or varicella results in them getting super sick, you better believe I’ll be headed right to the Emergency Room. I’m not crazy.

 So if you want to live without the thrill of leaving your kids exposed to preventable and potentially deadly diseases, that’s your decision.  But for me, playing it safe is dull as dirt, and that’s the real danger of vaccines more people need to be talking about. 

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