I’m not anti-vax. I’m infected with truth


BY STACY B. LEON | 3/07/2019 09:12 AM PST

A lot of people freak out when I tell them I didn’t have my kids vaccinated.  They say I’m crazy to leave Caden, Jaden and Braden exposed to so many completely preventable diseases.  But what they don’t know is there’s a more powerful virus inside me than measles, mumps or smallpox: the truth (according to the Internet).

 You see, most people just Google “vaccines” and they read the most current, popular and verified posts. They think just because medical doctors, public health officials or the Center for Disease Control says something, it’s all they need to know. But there’s stuff you can only find when you go like 15 pages deep on the Internet, read hundreds of comments and only remember the ones you agree with.

 I’m sorry if my truth doesn’t fit your mainstream media narrative about how vaccines save millions of lives every year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.  Sure, people who support vaccines can point to hundreds of scientific studies debunking any link to toxic ingredients, autism and other supposed side effects, but what about the people in obscure chat rooms who say they know someone who knows someone whose grandson got a 102 degree fever after they were vaccinated?!?  

 So go ahead and call me nuts for rejecting the advice of the World Health Organization and the United Nations, but I think you’re the crazy ones. You just believe what you’re supposed to believe and science keeps proving, but that’s only if you believe independent scientists more than the brave-if-anonymous heroes speaking their truth in the dark corners of the Internet.

Lori Gaffney1 Comment