Millennials ruined almost everything, but they won't ruin infectious diseases


BY JOHN K. FULLER | 3/05/2019 04:06 PM PST

It’ll come as no surprise to you that I think millennials are the most worthless generation to ever walk the earth. In fact, they’re so worth less than worthless, they’re not worth anything at all. Why do I think this? It’s not just all the think pieces I’ve seen on the internet, it’s because I’ve seen it for myself. They don’t know how to change tires, they’re always on their phones and they put avocado on toast and called it avocado toast—thanks generation obvious.

Well for me, enough is enough. Society can’t suffer this lack of ruggedness any longer. In fact, it is exactly why I have decided to not vaccinate my children. I don’t want them to live a life where things are done for you. I don’t want them to not have to struggle without any conception of the way things used to be done. I don’t want them to think that a shot in the arm is all it takes.

No, I want them to work hard and earn all that they get in their lives. If they want immunity, they’ll have to get it the way their great grandparents got it. If they think they’re too good to get the measles or diphtheria, I want them to do some serious soul searching. If they think they’re going to miss out on “easily preventable” diseases, then they’re dead wrong.

Did I get vaccinated? Well, sure. But this isn’t about me. It’s about the future and making sure we, as a society, get back on track—even if that means taking on a few epidemics face to face, mano y mano.

Lori Gaffney3 Comments