I only trust doctors after I get sick


BY JUDY P. SERRELL | 3/15/2019 08:29 AM EST

When an illness is only a remote possibility, I have my doubts about how much doctors really know. Sure, they wear stethoscopes around their necks like they know everything, but we’ve all heard stories of people having the wrong leg cut off in a hospital, right?  That’s why, when it comes to trusting vaccines, I’ve looked for other sources of information, ideally stuff that supports what I already suspect is true.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not closed minded.  For example, until I read it on 4chan, you never could’ve convinced me they put cobra venom and antifreeze in the MMR vaccine or that in Ecuador a baby’s bones literally melted after getting their DTaP shot. Once you start looking you’ll discover that there’s an amazing amount of stuff on the Internet about vaccines that NO doctor will ever tell you.

 All that said, if my kids or I actually get seriously sick or hurt, you better believe I’ll be heading to the closest ER ASAP.  I’m not crazy. The Internet is cool and all, but if my life is on the line I want the most cutting-edge diagnostic tests and tools to be used by trained medical professionals to determine the best treatment options available to return me or my loved ones back to health. Well, once I’m sick.  Until then, I’ll be chatting about “Big Pharma” with @rolledmeats and @troothsayer on Reddit.

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