Third-hand information about vaccination is the only kind I trust.


BY BILL LAZAR | 3/08/2019 04:02 PM PST

Sure, I could get information about vaccines from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization or just about any pediatrician on planet earth, but we all know what they’ll say. That’s why I dig a little deeper. A lot deeper, actually, because there are things you’ll never learn if you don’t go like 20 pages deep on the Internet.

 Once you get past all the information the government and the “Big Tech” algorithms want you to know, you find some fascinating stuff. Did you know there’s radioactive plutonium in the vaccine for varicella?  Did you know they burn bald eagle eggs to make the MMR vaccine?  Did you know a baby in Arkansas melted into a blob after being inoculated from smallpox?  Of course not, because you didn’t spend most of last month looking for the secrets you’ll only find in the deep, dark corners of the web.

 How do I know the stuff I read on obscure websites, in anonymous comment threads and over encrypted messaging apps is true?  Because, unlike doctors, scientists or public health officials, the people posting it have no agenda.  They don’t’ know anything about medicine, science or preventing a pandemic.  They are just truth tellers telling their truth to other truth tellers who then tell it to me, a truth listener. That's how truth works!

Lori GaffneyComment