Having twins? Here’s how you should decide which one to vaccinate



Having twins is one of the greatest gifts any parents can receive. You get two bundles of joy when most parents get one. Sure, there’s a lot of extra work that goes into having twins. More play dates to schedule, more diapers to change, more messes to clean up and so on… But twins also provide parents a very special choice: which child to vaccinate.

For a long time, scientists have got to run all the blind, double blind and triple double blind studies on vaccine effectiveness. Well, as the parents of twins: now, you can. But this is no easy decision, so here are three tips to help you make your choice.  

First Come First Serve

If you’re not comfortable making choices, let nature choose for you: whichever child comes out first doesn’t get a vaccine and the second child gets one (poor kid). This will also teach your children a valuable lesson about how hard the real actually is.

Eeny, Meeny, Vaccine, No

Just because you’re making one of the most important decisions of your child’s life doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little fun with it. Here’s how to play: sit your kids in front of you, close your eyes, pick a number, and then recite the age-old nursery rhyme count off the way you used when you were a kid.

Have A Vaccination Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are all the rage right now, that’s why it’s time to start a new craze: Vaccination Reveal Parties. For these once in a lifetime parties, you should let your imagination run wild. You can go as simple as a cake reveal or go as big as an explosion reveal (just don’t set anything on fire).  

Those are just three tips, don’t let them hold you back. The world is your oyster to unvaccinate.

Lori GaffneyComment