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The Internet's premier resource for anti-vaccination information you can only publish on the Internet.


Unvaccinate your mind with perspectives from some of the loudest voices in the unvaccinated movement.



Putting the “me” in measles

Becoming a mother changes you.  Suddenly, you’re not the most important person in your world anymore.  That is until your pediatrician asks you to have your child vaccinated.  Then it’s not about protecting them and all the other innocent children they come in contact with.  It’s about you. (Read Full Article)


MARCH 2019

I only trust doctors after I get sick

When an illness is only a remote possibility, I have my doubts about how much doctors really know. Sure, they wear stethoscopes around their necks like they know everything, but we’ve all heard stories of people having the wrong leg cut off in a hospital, right?  (Read Full Article)


MARCH 2019

I’m not anti-vax. I’m infected with truth

A lot of people freak out when I tell them I didn’t have my kids vaccinated.  They say I’m crazy to leave Caden, Jaden and Braden exposed to so many completely preventable diseases.  But what they don’t know is there’s a more powerful virus inside me than measles, mumps or smallpox: the truth (according to the Internet). (Read Full Article)


MARCH 2019

Third-hand information about vaccination is the only kind I trust

Sure, I could get information about vaccines from the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization or just about any pediatrician on planet earth, but we all know what they’ll say. That’s why I dig a little deeper. A lot deeper, actually, because there are things you’ll never learn if you don’t go like 20 pages deep on the Internet. (Read Full Article)


Are your opinions really your opinions if you don't own them on a shirt?

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Graphs (so you know it’s true).

A picture is worth a thousand words, these charts are worth at least a thousand twenty.


Confronting epidemics face to face: why I’m not vaccinating my children anymore.

In my experience with the hoity-toity world of academia and science, articles are forced to go through the peer review process. That process basically consists of having a bunch of people who think they’re smarter than you tell you that your ideas aren’t any good.


As you can clearly see, the chart to the right shows substantial evidence to suggest that people are living longer. More and more citizens are rejecting vaccines and the population is living longer. So much for “herd immunity,” more like herd absurdity.


The Facts Don’t Lie

We took Graph-b life expectancy and super-imposed it over Graph-a so you can see that it’s abundantly clear, unvaccinated people all around the country are living longer than citizens who are forced to be poisoned by vaccines.